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A “Reset” For Waterfront Transit Plans? – article

“This was by way of a preview of reports that were expected at the City’s Executive Committee meeting on October 20, 2015.

“One of these reports has now surfaced on the subject of Waterfront Transit… The new report proposes a “reset” in the status of the many waterfront studies and proposals given that many of them are incomplete or out of date. The area of study will be south of Queensway/Queen from Long Branch to Woodbine, although there is passing mention of Scarborough which has its own collection of transit problems in the Kingston Road corridor.”

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“A comprehensive review of waterfront transit projects is needed immediately to articulate the opportunities and options that exist, and to propose an approach to advance waterfront transit… It is anticipated that the review would extend from the Long Branch GO Station in the west to Woodbine Avenue in the east, and south of the Queensway/Queen Street corridor to Lake Ontario. The work would lead to a plan for a continuous waterfront transit network with east/west connectivity, as well as strong integrated north/south connections that would link the City to the waterfront. This network would be further integrated with regional transit network components, including the GO and subway systems, Smart Track and connections to Scarborough.”

SETAC will be reviewing these reports and will post our analysis here shortly.

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