SETAC – South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee

Our Priorities

Priorities change over time, so if you don’t see yours here, please join and work with us, or leave a comment on the Transit Talk page!

  • New Park Lawn/Humber Bay Shores GO Train Station and Transit Hub, to meet ever growing traffic congestion and 501 Queen streetcar full loads in this still abuilding condo area.
  • Cheaper inter-transit agency transfers. Metrolinx subsidizes 905 municipality transit system to/from GO Transit transfers by 75%, so they are about 75 cents. Toronto deserves the same. There are open seats on Lakeshore West local (non-express) trains every rush hour.
  • Improving transit accessibility in South Etobicoke. Neither Long Branch nor Mimico GO station is currently accessible, and they are two of only 6 remaining GO stations that are not accessible.
  • Restoration of 501 through service. Transfers at the Humber Loop delay passengers, can leave them waiting in an isolated location with poor visibility and inadequate safety conditions.
  • Timed Transfers, for local stops for shopping, errands, to be free of needing a car for multiple journeys. This also speeds boarding and reduces conflicts with streetcar and bus operators.
  • Safety improvements. Every day, automobile drivers ignore streetcar boardings and rush past open doors, endangering passengers. Better alerts, stiffer penalties, and stronger enforcement are needed.
  • Better bus and streetcar line management for more reliable service. This may come with TTC on-street supervisors, but more needs to be done.
  • New 507 Streetcar Route from Long Branch to Dundas West Station. This isn’t about getting people on the Lakeshore to and from the subway. This is about providing local service along Lakeshore Blvd West, the Queensway, and Roncesvalles Avenue, free from downtown streetcar and traffic congestion.

One thought on “Our Priorities

  1. Sue Smith

    The only way to get public transit moving, is to get some of the cars off the road through tolls or higher gas prices etc. Too many single occupant vehicles jamming up the roadways. Tax the cars to pay for transit and bicycle lanes

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