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  1. Chris and Corinne Wilkes

    We live in ,long branch and would love to use the go train but there is no parking at the station , most is reserved. We know of hundreds of neighbours who would like to use the go to travel to their jobs downtown but have to drive for lack of parking. I have not seen you address this issue although the mimico and condo residents seem to be getting top priority when any future developments are discussed. Please could you mention this to the powers to be at metrolinx and the politicians so someone is aware of this problem.If commuters could find parking it would take thousands of cars of the roads and save them and save them two hours travel time per day.

    1. setac Post author

      Thanks for your comment. We hear that a lot – Why isn’t there more parking at Long Branch and Mimico GO? If a Park Lawn GO station is built, will there be parking?

      Unfortunately, Metrolinx has largely made it clear that it does not intend to increase parking at any of these stations. It wants to encourage travellers to take TTC, or forms of active transportation to get to GO (walk, cycle). Both the current provincial government and the previous one have reduced the cost of combining GO and TTC. When you use GO and a Presto card, the TTC portion of the fare is reduced to $1.50. So from Long Branch to Union, combining TTC and GO now costs about $5.50, or roughly the same as it used to cost to take GO alone. (More information here.)

      Because Metrolinx is an agency of the provincial government, the best thing to do would be for you and your neighbours to contact your Member of Provincial Parliament. Both Long Branch and Mimico GO stations are finally going to be renovated. They are 2 of only 4 GO stations on the entire network that are not wheelchair accessible, and they have to be made accessible by 2023 in accordance with AODA legislation. Neither plan includes the expansion of parking but the best way to try to change that is through your MPP.

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