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GO Fare Reductions Coming April 20

Beginning on April 20, 2019, GO fares between stations 10kms apart or less will be reduced in cost. Passengers travelling from Mimico to Union Station, for example, will see the Presto fare reduced from $4.98 to $3.70, and the cash fare reduced from $5.30 to $4.40.

The existing rebate on TTC fares will remain in place, so the new Presto fare for combining a 10km or less GO trip with TTC will now be $5.20.

Additionally, GO recently announced that children 12 and under can ride for free, matching the TTC’s existing policy of free fares for children 12 and under.

Toronto Star: Metrolinx plans to cut fares on short GO Transit trips to $3.70

Metrolinx Media Release: Metrolinx is reducing short-distance fares by as much as 40% to only $3.70—while increasing long-distance fares by 4%

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