SETAC – South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee

How to Improve King Streetcar

Great visual examples from the Pembina Institute.

“Almost 65,000 people use the 504 King streetcar every weekday to travel along King Street, compared to 20,000 cars. Finding ways to reduce delays and travel times on the 504 can increase demand for the service and provide a better travel experience for existing travelers. Below we look at different “families” of solutions to improve transit operations and the public realm along King Street, and points to options for pilot projects.

“The King Street transit priority corridor runs from Dufferin Street to Parliament Street, a length of over five kilometres. No one solution can fit the entire corridor, so it is necessary to consider the needs of different segments of King Street. The information below is presented as broad groupings, and the needed solutions will likely draw elements from each grouping. Solutions can also be implemented in time-restricted ways, like during rush-hour only, on weekdays, or weekends only.

“Travel times were calculated using work by Steve Munro, supported by the Toronto Transit Commission and the City of Toronto, for travel data collected October 1-31, 2015…”

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