SETAC – South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee

Letter to Mitch Stambler, Head of Planning, TTC

Attention: Mitch Stambler, Head of Planning

Subject: Request for Better Transit Service in South Etobicoke

Dear Mitch,

Thank you for presenting at our neighbourhood South Etobicoke Transportation Forum on November 17, 2013, and for patiently answering the community`s many questions. I have attached a copy of the Notes from this Forum for your review. We have also attached our informal 501 rider survey performed the week of November 11-15, 2013.
SETAC is the sounding board for public transit issues in South Etobicoke. We are building our coalition of Lakeshore neighbourhood organizations, schools, and businesses to improve transit in the area to meet the needs of all residents, students, and workers.

SETAC is happy to have representatives from the Humber College Lakeshore Campus management and student body, as they are major transit users in South Etobicoke. Humber College has started a new Student Advisory Group, who have identified that they would like to see improved service on the 501 and 191 (to the Humber North Campus), particularly less bunching of vehicles. Recently Humber completed a sustainability survey in which 50% of the students indicated they want the College to focus on transportation and commuting.

SETAC is requesting the following from the TTC:

  1. A dedicated TTC contact for South Etobicoke TTC issues and suggestions. Going forward a TTC contact would avoid the lack of community notice or consultation of the removal of the streetcar islands at 39th Street. In addition, we are not aware if our Councillor notified Ward 6 of this important detail.
  2. Improved reliability and frequency of the TTC 501 Queen streetcar route, as it is the vital link between the Lakeshore communities of Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico, and Humber Bay Shores, Mississauga and further west via MiWay buses and GO Trains, as well as to Central Toronto and the downtown core.
  3. SETAC is glad to see a written policy for rationalisation of ‪‎TTC stops. With new 23m long streetcars, stops only 1 block apart make little sense. This ties in with Request 1’s TTC Community Liaison, and would help Request 2 by speeding streetcar trips.
  4. Review the 145 Humber Bay Premium Express bus route timings, start locations, and fare structure, to improve mobility and ridership. One suggestion is to add more runs later in the am peak from Kipling Avenue.
  5. Time Based transfers, as proposed in TTC’s meeting on January 28, 2014. This would greatly improve mobility for the many poor in our Ward 6.

SETAC would like to work with the TTC to improve public transit in South Etobicoke, by improving transit service to the community, by helping build rider capacity, and by providing information on commuting options.

For our part SETAC is planning to build better awareness of public transit options in South Etobicoke on a website and with local flyers. Both are still being developed. There are many routes to choose from that residents may not be aware of, that we would like to inform them about, such as the 508 Lakeshore, 66 Prince Edward, 145 Humber Bay Premium Express, and Lakeshore GO Train.

Please let us know how we can help to provide residents, students, and workers with better transit information and service.

Respectfully Yours,

Mike Olivier
Chair, SETAC

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