SETAC – South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee

Pedestrian and Cycling Safety

Spring Forward. Fall Back. Daylight Savings Time happens on November 5, 2017.

It’s dark coming home from work — pedestrians and cyclists are difficult to see and are encouraged to wear light, reflective clothing or lights to ensure that all are visible to motorists.

This year, there have been more pedestrian deaths in the City of Toronto than those murdered in the same period. It’s important not only to wear appropriate clothing but also to take some precautionary measures.

  • Cross the street where there are lights. Most accidents happen where people have decided to cross mid-block.
  • Motorists need to be on alert. Life is precious.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists need to make eye contact with the driver. Make sure he/she sees you before you make your move.
  • It’s a good idea to disconnect at least one ear bud before crossing any street – with no texting or cell phone distraction.
  • Cross the street with other people. It’s easier for a motorist to see a group rather than one person.
  • The sun is blinding in the next few weeks as it sets in the west. Sunglasses may help but extra caution is needed.

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