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Return of the “507”: streetcar service split at Humber loop

As of January 3rd, 501 streetcar service is split at Humber loop for most of the day. From the TTC’s website:

Temporary Route Split

5 a.m to 10 p.m.: The route will be temporarily split into two separate sections, operating between Long Branch Loop and Humber Loop, and between Neville Park Loop and Humber Loop. Customers can transfer between the two parts of the route at Humber Loop.

  • 10 p.m to 2 a.m.: Some trips will be scheduled to operate through and some will be turned back at Humber Loop.
  • 2 a.m to 5 a.m.: 301 QUEEN overnight service will continue to operate as a through service between Neville Park and Long Branch.

In the morning peak period, three additional through trips will operate eastbound from Long Branch Loop to downtown. These streetcars will depart from Long Branch Loop at 7:19 a.m., 7:29 a.m., and 7:39 a.m.

SETAC is monitoring the performace of the 501 on Lake Shore, and the convenience or inconvenience of the transfer at Humber loop. Everyone will probably have a different experience, depending on time of day, direction of travel, and even weather. Please post your comments on this change below–they will help SETAC develop a response and make further recommendations that will be sent to TTC liasion.

3 thoughts on “Return of the “507”: streetcar service split at Humber loop

  1. jennifer mozetic

    The TTC has made a horrible mistake by making this change! This change has been implemented since Monday and I already had to walk home twice because there was no Long Branch car waiting at the Humber Loop.
    It doesnt make any sense for us not to have a direct line from downtown. Did the TTC even do their research before making this change? Etobicoke Lakeshore is not the way it was 10 years ago! And over the next two years our population will almost double!
    The TTC has three cars in the morning going directly, why wouldn’t they have a few Long Branch cars going direct in the evening?
    This is extremely frustrating.
    We cant have this become a permanent route!
    Mark Grimes needs to help us with this! I think he is our only hope to help us fight the TTC.
    Everyone please email him

    1. Edward

      Jennifer, just so you know I have to walk 10 minutes on a good day just to access any TTC services.

      Also, have you never heard of the 507 Long Branch car? People in southern Etobicoke did benefit from the split when we had our own separate streetcar.

      There is a compromise that would work. The TTC needs to bring back the 508 Lakeshore streetcar, on an expanded service, during the rush hour. Or put in a loop at Park Lawn, with downtown streetcars starting out at Park Lawn, and a separate Long Branch to Humber streetcar. Or better yet, both.

      Sorry, but what we do not need is a slow, unreliable, service like we had for 21 years. The service between the cancellation of the 507 Long Branch and the new split service was horrendous west of Humber – I consistently waited up to 20 minutes (or more) for a streetcar, and there was one time when there was not streetcar service for over an hour. That’s not what we need to return to at all!

  2. setac Post author

    Thanks for your comment Jennifer. One of the reasons given for the route split is that service west of Humber loop will become more reliable. In theory, that will make up for the transfer at Humber loop for riders who travel to/from downtown, Queen West, etc.

    Obviously if it’s no more reliable, AND there can be long waits at Humber loop, then it’s no improvement and the TTC needs to be clearly told that.

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