SETAC – South Etobicoke Transit Action Committee

SETAC joins King For All Coalition

SETAC supports the King Street Pilot.

The King Street Pilot prioritizes transit along King between Bathurst and Jarvis. The pilot aims to provide faster, more reliable transit and make the street work for everyone. Local residents, businesses, community organizations, and commuters who work along the corridor all stand to benefit from a successful pilot project. The King Street Transit Pilot is a one-year pilot project that began in November 2017.

The King 504 streetcar has many riders outside of peak hours, and has regular congestion problems for transit in late evenings too, as restaurants and show venues are busy. Limiting the pilot to only certain hours would lead to mixed messaging for drivers and riders.

SETAC is proud to join the coalition of community groups, residents, and organizations, to show support for the King Street Pilot. Improved transit helps all parts of our city and region.

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One thought on “SETAC joins King For All Coalition

  1. Michael

    Wow- this does not seem to reflect the actual users of transit in South Etobicoke. The project is sound if the available rolling stock is currently available. However, given the increased short turns and extended delays resulting from the pilot have created delays for a bulk of the South Etobicoke residents. This pilot should have been initiated after sufficient streetcars are available AND the track work on Lakeshore completed (this project should have already been completed).

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