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Support the King Street Pilot Petition

On Tuesday April 9th the Mayor and his Executive Committee will vote on recommendations from City Staff about the King Street Pilot. Make your voice heard by signing the petition. You can also tweet to @torontosmayor @JohnTory, share the ways that the #KingStreetPilot has impacted you, and thank him for supporting this transformational project. 

TTC Riders has launched a petition to make the King Street Pilot transit prioritization project permanent, and to make it better, and SETAC is supporting the campaign.

2 thoughts on “Support the King Street Pilot Petition

  1. CarolJenkin

    Because of the limited car access I avoid King Street and the shops and restaurants on it. all to increase speed by 5 minutesfor transit riders.

  2. David

    It’s not just about reducing travel time by 5 mins. It’s also about dependability.

    Running streetcars through mixed through traffic in one of the busiest parts of the city makes it difficult to keep service on schedule, or to maintain the scheduled headways between vehicles, which also contributes to overcrowding and reductions in route capacity as it’s experienced by ridership.

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