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Toronto is sick of people driving past stopped streetcars


Toronto’s roads are definitely not the safest.

Collisions ending in pedestrian fatalities have become routine in the city, and drivers not respecting streetcar rules is also a longstanding safety issue.

Residents have long criticized drivers who fail to stop for open streetcar doors as passengers exit, yet the problem persists.

Earlier this week, one resident tweeted about his experience watching a streetcar operator stand up to a non-compliant driver, and the thread that follows proves just how big of an issue this really is.

Jeepers H. Crackers@BCWessy

At College & Bay, the epicentre of terrible driving, I just saw a streetcar operator get out of his vehicle, stand in front of a car that ran the doors, and write down the license plate number before aggressively giving the driver double middle fingers. The hero we need, etc.

Some replied saying they see drivers fail to obey the safety rule daily. 

Valerie Remark@ValerieRemark

Drivers running through open streetcar doors is a daily occurrence for me. Until drivers get fined, they’re not going to stop doing it.

Others criticized the TTC, Toronto Police and municipal government for failing to enforce the rules. 

Devin Wiles@DevWiles

@JohnTory if we’re serious about we need cameras on streetcars and enforcement of the laws of driving past open streetcar doors.

Some even took to Twitter to recount their experiences with the issue, and to highlight just how dangerous it can be. 

Luke Skinner@LazerSkinner

One time I was getting out while a car was stopped between the two doors and the driver decided he should go in reverse and backed right into me. People are idiots, including half of these comments of people trying to claim it’s too hard to be aware of your surroundings.

Many said the TTC should be investing in employees to enforce this rule instead of fare inspectors. 

John Hazlett@Juanchaos

It would be cool if the TTC, instead of employing fare inspectors, gave them the job of ticketing/flagging cars that run the doors. A better use of resources protecting TTC clients.

While the suggested solutions within the thread vary from cameras, to flashing lights, to plastic arms, to fines — the belief that something must be done to address the issue seems unanimous. 

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