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TTC announces 10-Minute-or-Better Surface Service Network
By: Stephanie Werner Staff Reporter, Published on Mon Jun 15 2015

Fifty-two routes with a wait time of 10 minutes or less was TTC chair Josh Colle (open Josh Colle’s policard)’s promise to commuters today with the unveiling of the 10-Minutes-or-Better Service Network.

“In 10 minutes or less, all day, every day, from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.,” Colle said.
While subways already operate within a 10-minute wait time, this service enhancement pledges improvements to 12 streetcar routes and 37 bus routes.

These improvements are part of nearly $100 million in service enhancements approved early this year. Colle says they will cost $11 million to implement but he anticipates the cost will be offset by a $4 million increase in fare revenue.

Colle said the wait time on some routes is currently as high as 20 minutes. TTC hopes that reducing waiting time will also alleviate crowding and entice potential new riders.

The TTC is currently involved in a hiring push, according to Cole, to staff the increased buses and streetcars. He expects a full rollout by the end of this year.

Of the 52 routes that now promise to be 10-minutes-or-less, 43 will be improvements to current service.

In a news conference, Colle confirmed that he and TTC CEO Andy Byford will be traveling to Thunder Bay on June 23 to visit the Bombardier plant and speak to officials and workers regarding the ongoing delays on building the new streetcar fleet, which has been plagued by vehicle manufacturing problems.

“I think it sends a strong message to Bombardier when we show up on their doorstep,” Colle said.

– More updates and analysis by SETAC in the coming days on service improvements, many Etobicoke bus and streetcar routes are on this 10 minute minimum service list.

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