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Updated: TTC bus route relettering and what it means for South Etobicoke

Update: TTC website now has official info on this. Individual route listings also have information on renumbering. The sign programming takes time to change, so you may see buses with new or old route designations, depending. (Apparently after the change, the operator can’t use the old designations.)

The TTC is relettering some of its bus routes. So far the implementation seems haphazard–I have already seen Shorncliffe buses with new route lettering, while other buses use old route lettering.

I can’t find anything on the TTC’s website but Steve Munro discusses it and has a summary of the route letter changes.

Here’s a summary of what’s in store for south etobicoke.

    1. 110 (to Lake Shore and Islington) becomes 110C.
    2. 110A and 110B (to Long Branch loop) don’t change.
    1. 66D (to Lake Shore) becomes 66B.
    2. 66A (to Humber loop) doesn’t change.
    1. 80 (to Keele station) becomes 80A.
    2. 80B (to Humber loop) doesn’t change.
    1. 76 (to Lake Shore) becomes 76A.
    2. 76B (to Grand) and 76C (to The Queensway) don’t change.
    1. 123 (to Long Branch loop via East Mall) becomes 123B.
    2. 123B (to Sherway via East Mall) becomes 123D.
    3. 123A (to Sherway via North Queen) and 123C (to Long Branch loop via North Queen) don’t change.
  • If streetcar routes get letters, then there are obvious implications for 501 and 508 service. We don’t yet know what’s going to happen.

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