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TTC to Improve Streetcar Service With Expanded Fleet

Excerpts of Steve Munro’s analysis of the TTC report that details how the new low floor Flexity streetcar fleet would be used.

Toronto’s Budget Committee has asked staff for many briefing notes on details behind various programs. Among these requests was for TTC to detail the level of service that would be operated on all streetcar routes after the 204 new Flexitys have been delivered, and how this would be improved with the addition of a proposed 60 car order.

Long–Term Peak Headway Projections for Streetcar Routes

With the initial 204 car order:
•Peak headways would widen by varying degrees on all routes except 501 Queen where existing AM peak frequency would be maintained using the larger cars
[This is a good thing and recognizes the underserved demand on 501 Queen. But we still need more frequent service all along the 501 route, especially to make the published schedule west of Humber Loop! Mike of SETAC].
•Capacity increases in the AM peak would be greater than in the PM peak.

With the additional 60 car order:
•Peak headways would return roughly to current levels. Capacity, relative to today’s service, would be considerably higher than today, except anomalously, on 501 Queen.

The TTC has confirmed that all of the 60 additional cars would be allocated to “legacy” routes with none reserved for expansion. However the 60 additional car order has not yet been funded.

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