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Update on Transportation Master Plan for Humber Bay Shores

Park Lawn and Lake Shore

“Many of you have written to me regarding concerns with morning rush hour traffic, and I completely understand your frustrations. I’m frustrated as well. The area north of Lake Shore on the west side of Park Lawn was originally zoned for employment uses, a decision the City and I fully supported. Unfortunately developers appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, who overturned the City’s decision and allowed significant density to be built without considering the infrastructure needed to support it.

“You can read the original letter I wrote to City Council regarding this issue here:

“I frequently travel through this area, and the situation is unacceptable. Unfortunately there is no instant fix, but I am actively working with Transportation staff and 22 Division Toronto Police to find solutions both short and long term.

“I have asked that the entire area undergo a major Transportation Master Plan study, which will survey the neighbourhood, identify issues and create holistic solutions. The study is currently underway. I have also asked Toronto Police 22 Division Traffic Enforcement to monitor the area to help reduce instances of illegal and dangerous driving. They have also asked residents to contact them directly with traffic concerns, either by calling (416) 808-2222 or submitting a complaint online here:

“I’ve also spoken to developers on Marine Parade Dr. regarding dump trucks, and they have agreed to re-route trucks that have stopped on Lake Shore Blvd. W, in addition to having trucks arrive in 30 minute intervals to prevent large-scale backups.They have informed me that the excavation on the site will be completed by the end of the month, which should relieve some of these issues.

“To deter additional drivers from using Park Lawn as a shortcut off the Gardiner, I have asked for a sign to be installed west of Kipling on the Gardiner that will inform drivers of the travel time on Park Lawn – which a traffic study confirmed to be the longest route. You can read about that here on pages 3 & 4:

Park Lawn GO Station Petition

“Councillor Di Ciano and I have also created a petition for a Park Lawn Go stop, which I encourage you to sign if you have not already done so:

145 Humber Bay Express

Councillor Grimes met with TTC CEO Andy Byford last week to discuss the changes to the 145 schedule, the need for transit in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, and solutions for the scheduling issues on the 145 Humber Bay Express Bus, which many have raised concerns about.

6 thoughts on “Update on Transportation Master Plan for Humber Bay Shores

  1. Don Henderson

    The sign to installed west of Kipling on the Gardiner that will inform drivers of the travel time on Park Lawn vs. remaining on Gardiner can introduce new drivers to Park Lawn to Lake shore on their way to down town. Any driver unaware of this alternate route means that they will now try it if the eastbound Gardiner is backed up. The Humber Bay Shores Condominium Association had recommended closure of southbound traffic from 7 to 9 am. More tha 40% of South bound Park Lawn traffic in the morning comes from the QEW on their way to downtown Toronto. Closing this am background traffic (like Jameson closure in the late afternoon) means HBS residents can exit their condos for work in the morning.

    1. setac Post author

      Thanks for your comment Don.

      Yes, I would agree that a travel time sign may prove unhelpful and that restrictions are better. The problem with a total restriction though, is that there will be at least some legitimate local vehicular traffic from residents who work night or early shifts, from employees at local businesses, or for the building maintenance staff in the condos, or contractors working in local buildings, for example. So local traffic only would be better, but that will be difficult to enforce.

      As part of the Park Lawn / Lake Shore Blvd. Transportation Master Plan we will be asking transportation staff to investigate the possibility of carrying the collector lane over Park Lawn to join up with the Gardiner’s Lake Shore Blvd. W offramp instead. This would mean that all eastbound Gardiner to Lake Shore Blvd bound traffic, whether in the express or collector lane, would avoid Park Lawn altogether. Then the Park Lawn exit would be designated Local Traffic Only, with signage indicating that access to Lake Shore Blvd. W is via the offramp only, and a total restriction during peak hours if necessary.

      As for the westbound traffic, it is less of a problem because the Gardiner on ramp starts east of Humber, but it would still make sense to have the Gardiner off ramp for Lake Shore Blvd. W terminate at Park Lawn (using the land at the south end of the food terminal) so that the offramp traffic heads south to access Lake Shore, and north to access Queensway, instead of having all traffic pass through Humber Bay Shores.

      Do you think you would you be in favour of this type of solution?

  2. Concerned Resident whose lived here 51 years

    Stand back and get the bird’s eye view. Traffic is going to be a nightmare for all.

    The design of the exit and entrance ramps within the Park Lawn Road, The Queensway, Lake Shore BLVD West, Gardner very poorly created.

    The development of the area greatly engulf the infrastructure, however most of the developers have been required to donate land for widening of the Lake Shore which bottlenecks into one traffic lane at the Humber River.

    If you are a driver you do not want traffic restriction or detours.

    1) The traffic exits the eastbound Gardner onto Park Lawn Road.
    2) The traffic enters the westbound Gardner from Park Lawn Road.
    3) The traffic exits the westbound Gardner onto Lake Shore BLVD west at Brookers Lane.
    4) The traffic enters the eastbound Gardner from Lake Shore BLVD west at Brookers Lane.

    1. setac Post author

      Thank you for your comments.

      I’m glad you raised the design of the Gardiner on- and off-ramps. As noted above, one potential solution is to alter the design.

      Eastbound Gardiner / Lake Shore Blvd. W

      1. Instead of having the eastbound collector lanes terminate at Park Lawn, build a one-lane overpass over Park Lawn, to create a Lake Shore Blvd. exit from the collectors (currently, as you know, you have to rejoin the express lane). This new, one-lane exit would rise over Park Lawn and join up with the existing express offramp for Lake Shore Blvd. W.
      2. Once complete, the Park Lawn Ave. exit would be designated as “local traffic only”, and if commuters continue to use it as a shortcut, it could be closed off completely during rush hour.

      Westbound Gardiner / Lake Shore Blvd. W

      1. Extend the Lake Shore Blvd. W off-ramp for the westbound Gardiner west to Park Lawn Ave.
      2. This would mean the substantial amount of evening rush hour Lake Shore Blvd. W traffic that turns north on Park Lawn Ave has better and more direct access to Park Lawn and does not congest the Lake Shore Blvd.
      3. It would also create a new connection point between Lake Shore Blvd. W and Park Lawn, potentially alleviating congestion at Windermere Ave., Ellis Ave, and Colborne Lodge Dr. from drivers wanting to switch from Lake Shore Blvd. W to The Queensway
      4. Traffic heading west of Park Lawn on Lake Shore Blvd. W would also use the Park Lawn Ave. exit as there are fewer traffic lights using that route.
      5. The existing off-ramp would be designated as a Marine Parade Drive off-ramp instead, and could prohibit right hand turns on to eastbound Lake Shore Blvd. W (or alternatively could be labelled as Marine Parade Drive and Lake Shore Blvd. W, but local traffic only)

      You can see on a map that there is plenty of land for both additional lanes.

      What are your thoughts on this idea?


    1. setac Post author

      Hi Shane,

      SETAC attended the City of Toronto Waterfront Reset meeting last month, and Metrolinx is continuing to say a Park Lawn GO Train station is not feasible. However there was much support and discussion about this at the meeting.

      We will post any developments on this site.


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