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Humber Bay Shores Transit Town Hall

The Marina Del Rey condominium boards hosted a transit town hall in Humber Bay Shores on Feb. 26. Representatives included Peter Milczyn, MPP; Jodi Shpigel of First Capital; Ed Presta of Toronto Transportation Infrastructure Planning; Heather MacDonald of Metrolinx; and Mary-Ann George of the TTC. Randy Barba of Humber Bay Shores Ratepayers & Residents Association has posted a summary of the proceedings on Facebook. Some excerpts are included below.

Transit Hub & Infrastructure Funding:
There is no provincial money currently budgeted for the transit hub. MPP Peter Milczyn noted on multiple occasions that there is a provincial, $190 billion, 13 year infrastructure fund that could possibly help fund the project. He also noted that if the station moved through the Metrolinx process and was finally supported by the agency, a recommendation that they fund the station would of course go to the board and likely be approved. He repeated his commitment to continue pushing for proper, public funding at the provincial level, as well as looking into as many new opportunities for that as possible, and we will do what we can to hold him to that.

TTC Service & Upcoming Changes:
We were told that the TTC should be ready to start running streetcars to the Humber Loop by early June. By late June we should see the streetcars running to Long Branch. In September buses will once again replace the streetcars as they shuffle vehicles to address deficits and maintain service throughout the system. The TTC will then be reconstructing the Roncey intersection/rail junction through 2019, which will cause further service interruptions. We may see bus service in place until 2020.

Metrolinx & Park Lawn GO:
The Initial Business Case assesses a given project with just one to two percent of the design refined. The Preliminary Design Business Case, which Park Lawn GO will move on to when the Initial Business Case is approved at the upcoming Metrolinx board meeting, considers just ten to twelve percent of the design refined. A Full Business Case is closer to a complete design and heavily considers construction/execution. It was confirmed by Ed Presta, however, that it will be an urban station: meaning no parking. The entire idea is that the station is fed by pedestrians, cyclists, and TTC riders, not by cars – although there will likely be a drop-off area. Peter Milczyn noted how early in the process this Initial Business Case is, and he left open the possibility that the station could be located anywhere between Park Lawn and the Humber Loop.

Legion Road Extension:
It was roughly estimated that Legion Road will involve one to two years of design work and property acquisition covering all portions of the project, including: the Bonar Wetlands stormwater management system, the new Mystic Pointe sewer line, the Legion Road extension, and the tunnel under the tracks. After the design phase, it will take 2-3 years to execute the entire project.

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