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Streetcar Track Replacement and Cycling Track Update

According to the city, construction on streetcar track replacement and cycling track will be completed by spring 2018.

The remaining concrete work, sidewalk, and permanent pavement markings will be completed by Spring 2018. The lane reduction in the streetcar track area between Brookers Lane and the Humber Loop will remain until the concrete work is completed.

In addition to the streetcar track renewal work, this project includes the installation of a 1.4 km bi-directional cycle track along Lake Shore Boulevard West from Norris Crescent to First Street. The construction of three bike lane platforms and a transit bump-out at the corner of First Street and Lake Shore Boulevard West are in progress. The platforms are located on Lake Shore Boulevard West at the intersections of: Norris Crescent, Royal York Boulevard and Miles Road. The bi-directional cycle track will be complete and open in Spring 2018.

See PDF below for full information:
17ECS-TI-12SP_Lake Shore TTC Track Replacement _ Update 14_FINAL

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